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I started with drag racing.  After winning a bunch of trophies doing that, I got into stadium tough truck racing.  I won 5 first place finishes in 9 races running a "Scrap Metal" Suzuki Samurai. I was told by a monster truck show organizer/promoter that I put on the best show of any tough truck driver he'd ever seen! He then paid me to return.

A few years ago, I got into dirt track racing.  I won so often driving my turbo '89 Probe that the track banned turbo cars.

About eight years ago I started doing demolition derbies.  I now participate in about 3-4 derbies annually and generally win or finish in the top 3 in a field of 15-40 cars.

In October 2009 I entered a limo jump contest and won first place.  Driving a Chevy Lumina I cleared the limo and the landing ramp.

I've built a bunch of hot rods, including a 10 second Mustang street car, a Muscle Mustang & Fast Ford featured 12.5 second Crown Vic daily driver (March 2003 issue), and a sweet '67 Olds 442 clone. I sold the latter to buy a '67 fastback Mustang, and I'm presently building Eleanor (long, slow, EXPENSIVE process).

I have completely restored a '68 Fury III, making it into a sweet vintage police car. I took the body off of a stock 1990 Pathfinder, put 38" tires on it, and made it a killer 5 passenger ATV known as "Swamp Thing".

The 24 Hours of LeMons has been the most fun of all, though! My team, Team Police Brutality ***LINK***, has competed in 5 races already, and won several awards (Organizer's Choice, Fastest Yank Tank). Our name is intended purely as humorous (just like the whole race series) as our large race cars beat up on the smaller competition, and our fundraising efforts beat up on breast cancer.
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Jeff Bloch (a.k.a. Speedycop)