Let's race this weekend!

titanicontracksmall This weekend, our race team Speedycop & The Gang Of Outlaws will be racing in New Hampshire on the NASCAR track all day Saturday and Sunday. We have 5 team cars entered in this race, 3 of which are coming from Speedycop World Headquarters here in Maryland. Note, the cars may have a different theme than shown here. Bear in mind, these are $500 endurance road race cars (not counting the cost of safety equipment, or wheels/tires/brakes), so they all start out as beaters. It's amazing what you can find on Craigslist for $500, and what you can build with a little creativity!


Our team is currently in first place nationwide in the series (out of about 2,000 teams), with a considerable points lead. We are really hoping to secure regional and national championships after this weekend, but a lot can happen in 14.5 hours of racing. A regional win gets us free admission to the final race of the season in Dallas, Dec 29-30 ($1,000 value). National championship prizes have varied in the past, from a mere trophy, to an all-expense-paid trip to LeMans in France for the team. Either way, it's been a lot of work to get here, and for us it will all be worthwhile.

bmwhatever tom_sellecka_1


We've hired Spose to perform a live concert at the track Saturday night. He lives barely 1.5 hours away, so travel cost was not a factor, and the whole team chipped into cover it. He's basically the next Eminem, and his song I'm Awesome has nearly ten million combined Youtube views. His music is really catchy! These two are really funny:




The track itself is hosting some wacky and fun Halloween competitions. Starting grid for Saturday and Sunday's top ten cars (out of the hundred or so in the race) will be based on team costumes and themes throughout the weekend. We're gonna be doing multiple themes, one of which is mock presidential candidate campaigning. We have three brothers racing with us, all distinguished looking fellows in their 50's, that will be randomly standing atop a soapbox and campaigning. *Interesting side note, their dad was a VERY successful NASCAR racer in the '50's, and finished the 1950 season 6th in national points. He will be joining us this weekend as well! We will be doing the Secret Service/dignitary protection thing around them, and randomly yelling "GUN!" and tackling our protectees.

probe x90fast

We're also going to be interrupting penalty box and paddock events at random intervals with a boombox and "Psy" outfits, doing that ridiculous Gangnam Style horse dance that has made him an instant international superstar. In case you've been under a rock somewhere and missed the phenomenon in the last three months, Psy went from a relatively unknown Korean rapper to appearing on SNL, Ellen, Good Morning America, and countless others, and his Gangnam Style YouTube video currently has 527,652,525 views!


The track is also doing team spud gun and pumpkin chunkin' competitions on Saturday evening (compressed air or kinetic energy powered only). We built a killer compressed air setup this past weekend for both, and can now launch a potato several hundred yards! Amazing what some PVC, a large air tank, and a ball valve can do...

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Jeff Bloch (a.k.a. Speedycop)