Chicago Build - Donor Car

Here's the wrecked 1993 Toyota MR2 (2.2L/5 speed) that will be donating its chassis and drivetrain to the project.  Guy was asking $500 even after he'd sold all he could off of it.  I got if for $200 when he couldn't get it to start.  Turned out to be a battery connection...

first mr2 small

A New Build for 24 Hours of Lemons - Chicago

This week I am finishing a Lancia Scorpion for next weekend's 24 Hours of Lemons race in Chicago.  According to experts this is "one of the worst cars ever made."  A race organizer convinced me to do a drivetrain/suspension swap to something a bit more modern and theoretically reliable.


We got IOE!

Team Police Brutality---Beating Up Breast Cancer has won the top prize in the 24 Hours of LeMons!

That's right, folks, we finally did it! This past weekend at the 2010 LeMons New England race, we achieved our goal, winning the Index of Effluency. Most of the previous winners have done it in a single attempt. It took us no less than four tries! Here's a look back at what it took for us to finally claim the big one:

24 Hours of Lemons - Stafford!

Team Police Brutality is going to race in New England next weekend! The 24 Hours of LeMons staff has graciously accepted us at the last second, despite a long waiting list of teams still trying to get in to the overbooked, sold-out race. They expressed great appreciation for our recent efforts, and helped us out tremendously in return! Now, I've gotta decide between competing for the overall win with the Lincoln, running the Tbird with a different motor, or running the mystery car, one that Jay Lamm called "one of the worst cars ever built!"

Capitol Offense Recap

Jeff (a.k.a. Speedycop) did a nice little write up of the racing events at Summit Point for the 24 Hours of Lemons Capitol Offense 2010. It was originally posted at the 24 Hours of Lemons forums (http://forums.24hoursoflemons.com/viewtopic.php?pid=51068#p51068) but it was such a nice summary, it should be here as well.

This is the post...

[Regarding the Thunderbird] Technically, the carb adapter was bolted to the lid of the ammo can with a proper gasket. As the lid wasn't rigid enough, it flexed and blew out the gasket. Because I had welded the lid onto the cut-down ammo can bottom, I couldn't replace the gasket, hence all the JB weld. Hey, it worked!


Day 2 at Capitol Offense

For day 2, we got the Lincoln out on the track for a few more laps.  With all eight cylinders, we beat the Day 1 best lap time with 1:55.113.  Two whole seconds faster than Day 1.  However, the clutch cable started to go on the Lincoln.  Rather than risk damage to a real contender, we played it safe and brought it in to the paddock.  Then we focused ALL our efforts on the Rocketbird.

Day 1 at Capitol Offense

Here at the Summit Point track on the 24 Hours of Lemons circuit, Jeff Bloch took the fastest lap time of the day in the Lincoln Mark VIII on only seven of eight cylinders.  On Day 2, after replacing a messed up coil, we have all eight cylinders firing right, so we should be able to retain the fastest lap time.

Hit up the read more to get a follow up on the 63 Thunderbird with the BMW V12 engine, and a video!

At Summit Point for 24 Hours of Lemons

So, if you're not following on twitter, there a lot miss.  During the many days without sleep, we've been updating the twitter feed with pics and status updates. 

Second, after a 33 hour straight build, the cars headed to the track.  The Lincoln headed out with Bobby and Ron early in the morning, and Dave, Damion, and Jeff (a.k.a. Speedycop) stayed with the 63 Thunderbird to get the BMW V-12 working well, as well as fixing some smaller items such as seat belts, cable dressing, and the exhaust. 

The Rocketbird was trailered and we headed out to Summit point.  Upon arival, the crew immediately started unpacking and setting up the work area, with only one fire to put out (literally).

Now, working late into the night (again, with no sleep yet), and with the help of a few other teams here at the 24 Hours of Lemons Paddocks, we got the V-12 sounding fantastic for about 30 seconds.  Then the water pump blew.  Even now, more teams are working to help us resolve the water pump issue, and we thank thank them.

THANK YOU to the other teams that are helping out!

Almost done, and it's only Wednesday

So, we've been working like MAD to get ready for the race this weekend. Came in last night at 10PM, after I finished fabricating a driveshaft for the Rocketbird. I had to use the front section of the BMW shaft, the center section with a carrier bearing and slip yoke from the '61 Cadillac, and the rear section from the Thunderbird. Of course, all 3 shafts were different diameters, and it isn't balanced, but it looks functional. We finally heard it run yesterday, briefly. It still has no exhaust, and the distributors aren't mounted (I was holding one in place while Ron cranked it), and we only had plug wires for one bank, so it was running on six cylinders, but it sounded pretty good! Perhaps there'e hope yet...
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