Bar Stool Kart

My latest creation, a 5HP John Deere bar stool kart! I drastically altered an old go-kart frame, added new tires, engine, chain, clutch, steering, and paint, and made a slide-in removeable carry rack! 

It'll do about 40 MPH flat-out!

bar stool kart 2 bar stool kart 3


Speedycop and TPB have purchased the Greatest LeMons Car Of All Time!

Project G.L.C.O.A.T. (pronounced gel-coat, as in fiberglass body) is a GO!

More pics and updates as soon as we pick it up in IL...


We Won IOE

img_3140 small

WE WON!!! We were awarded the top prize (Index of Effluency) in the 24 Hours of LeMons for the second time this year! This after the Speed TV host drove our car today for a TV show!

An article has already written for your reading pleasure - And The Real Winner Is...

Track Video 24 Hours of Lemons

Sometimes there's a star that aligns just right with Neptune that reflects off the rings of Saturn and looks fantastic on a NASA telescope.  In this case, it's not as good as a '77 Lancia Beta Scorpion body with a '93 Toyota MR2 chassis.  It's glorious...

Excellent article by automotive journalist Murilee Martin

Check out this media article on my new race car build!!! It also gives a good rundown on my team's previous builds.  The author is a long-time automotive journalist, and he's had several novels published.

Speedycop's Lancia: New Zenith, or Maybe Nadir, of Lemons Madness

Chicago Build - Some Work Left

Now to finish trimming away the two very different vehicles and mate them together.  The wheelbase of the MR2 is 4 1/2" longer than the Scorpion, so the fenders will need to be massaged...with a sawzall!  It was also nearly a foot longer overall, so the rear needs to be cut way down.

final pic small










Now I just need to spend about a month welding/patching the two together, about a week installing the full roll cage and safety gear, a day or two on brakes/tuneup/repairs, find two matching tires, find some spares, paint it, theme it, and add a custom radiator/fans.  Did I mention I have ONE WEEK to finish it, and I gotta work all but tomorrow (HEAVY rain predicted all day) and Friday?  Yay.

Chicago Build - Time to Make Two into One

Finally have the Lancia gutted, and ready to start fitting over the MR2 chassis/floors.  I kept the door sills whole for structural integrity (HAH!).  Otherwise, the doors wouldn't be open and close properly once I reinstall them...

fifth scorpion onto mr2 small

Chicago Build - Slight Scorpion History

Now, more cutting away of the rusty old chassis..  If this car had been more solid, I would have kept it all original.  There were only 405 made in 1977, and only 1801 made in the two year production run.  This this is incredibly rare!

fourth scorpion front small

Chicago Build - Lancia Engine Out

Poncho and I got the old Fiat/Lancia 1.8L engine/trans out.

fourth scorpion in air small

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