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Racing in New Hampshire...

Pop Up Camper

What happens when you build a camper that can race?

The Eagle has landed! Repeat, the Eagle has landed!


The Greatest LeMons Car Of All Time is in my driveway! This eight-wheeled wondercar is truly a marvel of over-the-top design and engineering. From the thirty-six (yes, thirty-six!) fully functional push buttons in the ceiling, to the 15 digital gauges in the dash, to the barely three foot overall height that requires you to wiggle your way in and scoot down to reach the pedals until you are reclining on your back, this thing makes no sense whatsoever!  And yet, it somehow makes perfect sense to me. Why build a normal supercar when you can build something so completely over the top? If four wheels are good, eight wheels must surely be twice as good!

24 Hour of Lemons - New Orleans Update

One of my guest drivers made some errors on the track, earning two penalties, and costing us almost 45 minutes in the penalty box. It set us back to 11th place, down 39 laps. By the time the race ended, we had clawed our way back to 5th place overall, out of 47 cars. We won the Least Horrible Yank Tank award for the second time with the Lincoln! All in all, a great weekend of racing, and a great visit with my wife's family, who live about an hour from the track.

24 Hour of Lemons - New Orleans Update

Led the race for the entire second hour, posting the fastest lap of the race so far.  Too bad I suddenly ran out of fuel on the back straight.  Currently sitting 5th out of 47.
Bar Stool Kart at 24 Hours of LeMons

24 Hours of LeMons Chief Perp Jay Lamm and Judges Phil, Jonny, and Scott give my bar stool kart their seal of approval!

judges and bar stool cart

24 Hours of Lemons - New Orleans

In New Orleans this weekend for a 24 hour race with our Hot Rod Lincoln.  Racing starts at 3 pm Saturday the 20th.

More about G.L.C.O.A.T.


Want to learn more about the G.L.C.O.A.T.? Here are a few write-ups about this car, as well as the original auction link!

The original Ebay Item

Greatest LeMons Candidate of All Time Bought By Speedycop!

A Home-Built Eight-Wheeled "Sports" Car That'll Make You Cry

8 Wheels, 2 Rotaries and Gullwings: eBay “Other Makes” has Peaked

Speedycop Goes International

Street Sarafari did a nice write up of our Lancia MR2 build.  These guys run a "Banger Rally" which reads much like a 24 Hours of Lemons race. This is the last part of their about us page over at streetsafari.com

So the bottom line is simple: a crap car, a crack team, a crazy challenge almost every day, and cash to be won. Toss in a bit of foreign roadway, including but not limited to some of the best driving in at least two continents, limitless camaraderie and stories to last a lifetime, and you have a small idea of what it's all about.

So, as you can see... you can probably ship your $500 lemons car overseas and still race it!

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