The Chase Is On

The Titanic runs from the Iceberg.  Will fate prevail?

The Theme For The Weekend

Can you guess the theme this weekend?


Pre-race prep on a LeMons race weekend for Speedycop & The Gang of Outlaws is always barely controlled chaos. Today will be no different! It will likely be another all-nighter, even though we're still hoping to get to Summit Point tonight. The new '93 BMW 325i race car is far from finished, despite countless hours of prep. The cage is 95% done, and look amazing, thanks to Jim Whitley of Roll Cage Components (www.rollcagecomponents.com). The engine needs the new water pump and tuneup installed, the new exhaust needs to be welded up and installed, the new brake rotors/calipers/stainless lines need to go on, it needs a seat/harness/cutoff switch/extinguisher/padding/

etc, and we still have to theme it. The Suzuki X-90 is almost ready. It needs the exhaust finished, the new radiator installed (once it arrives), and theme work. The Miata 1.8L we swapped in is running well, though without a cooling system we haven't been able to drive it yet. The Wounded Warrior Cougar just needs the new brakes bled, and the fuel filter changed. Altogether, that's not more than a couple weeks worth of work. No worries, we have all day. ;)

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24 Hours of LeMons 2011 Season Summary

Speedycop & The Gang of Outlaws 24 Hours of Lemons 2011Season Summary

It’s been quite a year for our gang! 17 cars entered into 8 races, with major re-themes on old cars, and some kickass new cars, like the Parnelli Jones Galaxie, the Donk, and the BMWhatever. Here’s a review of the good, the bad, and a whole lot of ugly this past season, and how we managed to achieve third overall in the nationwide points series racing mostly terrible cars.


Ever wanted to be a REAL race car driver?

On June 16th and 17th you'll get your chance!

turn_close_traffic_speed Speedycop & The Gang Of Outlaws are once again raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project at Summit Point Motorsports Park, to benefit our injured veterans.

You too can be a real race car driver, competing in a real 24 Hours of LeMons race (with over a hundred others cars) on a challenging two mile road course! No experience required, just have a valid driver's license, and donate $100 or more to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Donors will receive free loaner driver's gear to use, and personal instruction before being turned loose for 20 minutes in the actual race!  Racers will race in the order in which they donated, so don't wait! The car is a 2001 V6 Cougar with an automatic transmission, so it has excellent handling and brakes, and is very easy to drive.

wwp Veterans who have never raced before can race for free!

More information is available at:



Or, contact Sgt. Jeff Bloch at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by telephone at

301-675-8006 to arrange your racing debut, and help a worthy charity in the process.

The Camper is Famous!

We made it onto Autoblog! That means worldwide coverage. Last night's video has almost two thousand views already! Check it out: http://i.autoblog.com/2012/05/06/this-is-why-lemons-is-the-best-race-series/
The Camper On The Track

Racing in New Hampshire...

Pop Up Camper

What happens when you build a camper that can race?

The Eagle has landed! Repeat, the Eagle has landed!


The Greatest LeMons Car Of All Time is in my driveway! This eight-wheeled wondercar is truly a marvel of over-the-top design and engineering. From the thirty-six (yes, thirty-six!) fully functional push buttons in the ceiling, to the 15 digital gauges in the dash, to the barely three foot overall height that requires you to wiggle your way in and scoot down to reach the pedals until you are reclining on your back, this thing makes no sense whatsoever!  And yet, it somehow makes perfect sense to me. Why build a normal supercar when you can build something so completely over the top? If four wheels are good, eight wheels must surely be twice as good!

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